Trussardi is an Italian fashion and lifestyle brand that in 2011 celebrated 100 years in business. Originally Trussardi was founded as a glove factory by Dante Trussardi, Dante's grandson Nicola propeled the company to international fame as a fashion house and luxury lifestyle goods brand, expanding from gloves to luggage, handbags, home and office accessories, and leather jackets into fashion. Trussardi's first boutique in Milan was opened in 1976 and remains the company's flagship store. Trussardi goods are exported to the United States and all major markets in Europe. Trussardi remains a family business under the leadership of Beatrice Trussardi, the fourth generation of the family to hold the reins.

Since 2005, Trussardi offers fragrances in conjunction with Selective Beauty. Trussardi's first fragrance was Trussardi for women, introduced in a leather-encased bottle designed by Nicola Trussardi himself. Designer Trussardi has 45 perfumes in its fragrance base. The earliest edition - Trussardi for women - was created in 1983 and the newest - Riflesso Blue Vibe, Trussardi Donna Intense and Trussardi Uomo - are from 2019.
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