The Merchant Of Venice

The Vidal Family was involved in the arts of perfumery for more than a century and recognised the need for a cultural luxury brand that would express the uniqueness of Venice: The Merchant Of Venice. The Merchant of Venice is a brand that has its conceptual origins in the ancient Art of Perfumery originated in Venice and from its centuries old trade with the Orient. The maritime trade routes that covered Asia, Africa and on to the Northern Seas of Europe enabled the Republic of Venice to acquire the knowledge and raw materials that otherwise it could not directly attain from within its own mainland. Through master craftsmen such as the Muschieri (perfumers) and the Saoneri (soap makers), new techniques of production were invented that made the Venetian perfumes and cosmetics highly sought after products in all the Royal Courts of Europe. The historic nature and the prestige of the brand expresses itself by precious fragrances carried out by perfumers who reinterpreted the ancient recipes and offer refined products with superior quality. The sophisticated creations are boxed in precious perfume bottles inspired by the millenary art of Venetian glass. History and culture are at the base of The Merchant of Venice that perfectly combines them in excellent Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, body products and home fragrances.
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