Serge Lutens

Over the last five decades, Serge Lutens, a French multi-talented artist, had instigated veritable revolutions in beauty and perfume. For him, the fragrance is an illumination, a statement, the dot on the I. Serge Lutens created his first perfume, Nombre Noir, in 1982 for Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company. In 1992 they partnered on another legendary fragrance, Feminite du Bois. The Serge Lutens brand emerged in 2000 as a niche perfume house known for its exclusive and unusual fragrances. Popular Serge Lutens colognes include the clean and fresh Five O’clock Au Gingembre, the sweet and musty Lorneo 1834 and the aromatically fresh unisex scent of L’Eau Serge Lutens. Popular Serge Lutens perfumes include the romantic Bas de Soie, the Asian themed Ambre Sultan, the spicy yet elegant Chergui and the fruity floral Nuit de Cellphane.
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