Salvador Dali

A revered Spanish Catalan artist, an “over-the-top” genius and iconic figure of surrealism, a luminary with legendary panache, Salvador Dali holds a prominent place in 20th Century Modern Art History. Eccentric to a fault, with a penchant for provocation and unpredictability, he was first and foremost among the most famous iconoclastic and avant-garde artists of our time. In 1983, Salvador Dali launched his first fragrance as a tribute to Gala, his wife and muse with whom he was madly in love. To him, perfume was the "most beautiful messenger" of memories and happy moments... A multi-faceted talent, it was only natural for Salvador Dali to take an interest in fragrance - as it fell somewhere between art and fashion - another form of artistic expression. In 1981, after completing the Apparition of the Aphrodite of Knidos painting, he sketched a perfume bottle, drawing inspiration from the sensual lips and nose of the goddess of beauty and love. It is this sketch that would inspire the Dali fragrance launched in 1983, in a crystal numbered limited edition. Chosen by the Master,  the feminine fragrance is a sensuous accord blending the rarest and purest varieties of jasmine, the flower he often wore tucked behind his ear as he painted, and rose. To date more than 25 fragrances and three collections of precious and luxurious fragrances, imagined with all the know-how and the requirements of the High French Perfumery have been produced by the Salvador Dali label. Each collection is inspired by the creations or a facet of the singular and unique world of one of the greatest artists of the history of modern art, Salvador Dalí: The Jewels Collection, The Daligramme Collection, The Fabulous Collection, and many more inspiring perfumes have been and are created by the brand. The fragrances are contained in "sculptured bottles" which are a true work of art that marked the creation of Salvador Dali, still inspired by the artist’s artwork.
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