Les Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires is a new French fragrance house founded in 2012 by Philippe Di Meo and David Frossard. Convinced that perfume is more than a mere seduction tool, the brand breaks the mold of conventional and claims back the primary powers of perfume as collective subconscious of the humanity and of the self. Each fragrance is the result of specific experiences in the world of perfumes, scents and odours, as well as an interest in the power of classic fragrance accords with careful attention to natural ingredients and proportions in an effort to create a perfect olfactive harmony. The fragrances designed by Liquides Imaginaires are to be used to interpret desires, beliefs, commemorate passages of life, to help to cross into intimate worlds and explore new desires. The bottles are designed as an amphora with a heavy metal stopper made by expert craftsmen. Since inception, Liquides Imaginaires has gained worldwide recognition among connoisseurs in the artisanal perfume market. Designer Liquides Imaginaires has 21 perfumes in its fragrance base, the earliest edition - Fortis, Sancti - were created in 2011 and the newest - Beaute du Diable, Buveur De Vent, Fleur De Sable and Tapis Volant - are from 2019. Today the Liquides Imaginaires range consists of three trilogies and nine exceptional fragrances, the house also produces scented candles.
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