Houbigant is a French perfume house established in 1775. In 1882 the House launched Fougère Royale, the first fougère (or 'fern-like') perfume ever created,{fact}} establishing a new fragrance family which still remains today the most popular family in men's fragrances. Houbigant was also the first perfume house to discover how to isolate particular molecules from natural raw materials and more specifically the coumarin, which is isolated from the tonka bean. In 1912 they introduced Quelques Fleurs, the first true multi-floral bouquet ever created. Up to that time, floral fragrances had been mostly single flowers or were blended with herbs and other essences. The Genealogy of Perfumes cites Quelques Fleurs as an innovation that established a totally new fragrance classification and influenced other compositions for years afterwards including many of today’s important fragrances.
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