Annick Goutal

The High Perfumery House of Annick Goutal, founded in France in 1981, is guided by the legacy of its founder Annick Goutal, and the vision of its noses Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen. Its remarkable sophistication and the excellent quality of its raw materials characterize each and every unique creation, and make for a collection of exceptional scents. The secret of Annick Goutal's success lies in the ability to transform emotions into fragrances. The very personal and avant-garde fragrances of the House quickly win over a clientele of connoisseurs and artists. Each one is  delicate and radiant, fresh and full of character, and represents a moment of happiness, a treasured emotion, or a powerful memory connected to a significant event or a loved one. In an effort to offer the most authentic ingredients and the most environmentally friendly products, the Maison Goutal strives to adhere to green principles at every stage in the development process.
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